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Creative Compassion: Making Space for Empathy, Focusing and the Arts

February 10, 2024, Online Workshop 5. Focusing Impuls Conference 'The Best Practice', Focusing Institute DFI/DAF

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Creative Compassion

November 6, 2023, Online Presentation, Community Empowerment Help for Helpers

Creative Compassion at Help for Helpers

We are going to create a wider range of empathy spending time with user-friendly receptive-active art activities. We stretch beyond our personal preferences and limitations, connect with bodily feelings and shift our perspectives on parts and the whole to strengthen our sense of relational being with.

No previous art experiences required. Fine Art pieces to respond to are shared by screen and chat, a handout will be presented for download. Please hold some colored pencils (or crayons) and paper at hand, simple tools will do

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Video Recording November 6, 2024

Creative Compassion: Building Relational Empathy through Expressive Arts Focusing Activities

November 3, Online Workshop, Focusing Oriented Therapy Conference 2023 TIFI

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Creative Compassion: Building Relational Empathy through Expressive Arts Focusing Activities

July 15, 2023, Online Workshop, 15. International Expressive Arts Therapy Conference IEATA 2023 Taiwan

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Conference handout for free download from IEATA member Freda Blob

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©German Focusing Association DFG, Creative Compassion - Past Events

©German Focusing Association DFG, Creative Compassion - Past Events

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