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The art links provide artwork of the Creative Compassion artist of reference Adolf Hölzel

His late body of work is presented via gallery links and photos taken from the exhibition at Hölzel's former studio in the Hölzel House, Stuttgart BW/GER

Links to Figurative and Abstract Pastell Compositions of Adolf Hölzel

Shots of Hölzel's Art Work: Hölzel House, Stuttgart BW/GER

Creative Compassion - Art Links - All Photographs ©Freda Blob

Links to Artwork of Hölzel Students

Adolf Hölzel was professor at the Art Academy Stuttgart and the first who took women students into his art class, a no-go at his time. One student of his women's class, Ida Kerkovius, a painter and tapestry weaver who also studied at the Bauhaus, is one of the important female representatives of Classical Modernism in Germany

A group of students became colleagues and gathered around their former teacher Adolf Hölzel. They named themselves The Hölzel Circle and manifested a characteristic new art style

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