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Freda Blob

Hi and welcome!

I am your Ceative Commpassion guide

I am a Person-centered and Experiential Art Therapist, Clinician and Educator and a Focusing Teacher with the International Focusing Institute TIFI

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I am founder/director of FOCUSZART The Focusing Studio, an online Studio and School for Art Therapy and Expressive Arts Focusing

Creative Compassion practice is one of the practices I teach to enhance resilience

Creative Compassion practice is part of Expressive Arts Focusing ExAF, a body-focused approach rooted in the culture of European Focusing, Art and Design using the Expressive Arts for art fascilitation and arts engagement

Creative Compassion practice can be implemented in therapeutic and educational settings of all kinds. Its methods are referring to trauma-informed, person-centered and experiential therapies


  • Registered Art Therapist DFKGT, Diploma of Advanced Sciences DAS (AT)

  • Certified Guided Drawing® Practitioner (GDP)

  • Certified Focusing oriented Expressive Arts Practitioner FOAT®

  • Certified Focusing Oriented Therapist and Focusing Professional with Specialization in FOAT® TIFI (FOT-FOAT, CFP-FOAT)

  • Certifiying Coordinator and Focusing Trainer of the International Focusing Institute TIFI

  • Senior Teacher of the German-Swiss Focusing Network FN Leading Team

  • Personcentered Therapist and Teaching Counselor GwG (PCT)

  • Non-medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy Heilpr-G

  • Clinical Psychologist (CP), Adult Educator (Ed GRAD)

I am following the ethical standards of the organisations of membership listed below


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