Dec 7: Creative Compassion webinar FOCUSZART - Towards a Sense of Belonging

Group Support

Welcome to the Group Support!

The group event can have workshop format or supervision format depending on your background. Thank you for letting me know about your background with registration

Creative Compassion - Group support

Reference pictures  to Alexej Jawlensky in order from left to right: Creolin 1913 (Private Collection, Weiler 155), Lola 1912 (Angelica Jawlensky, Weiler125), Bacchiant 1912 (Priv. Collection Weiler 118)

In the group event we will have a conversation about Creative Compassion concepts and techniques. We will  make practical exercises to forward your practice and your understanding of what you are doing

In case you visit the group for supervision purpose as art therapist, art fascilitator, creative arts counselor or Focusing practitioner, the program is different. We then will reflect on the questions you bring in. We will use Expressive Arts Focusing ExAF interventions to help you guide your clients through Creative Compassion practice

Any specific question you want me to refer to in detail please email in advance. Thank you!

Please have crayons and pastels at hand, and paper and pencil for to take notes

Group event dates are announced in the Creative Compassion Letters

The Goup Support is on zoom

You get the zoom link shortly before the group event

Please make sure you have a stable internet connection

Please check in in time, access is closed after 20 minutes past start

Ticket for group event (workshop, webinar) of 2 learning units (1,5 hours): 25 Eur for European participants, 28 Eur for US/Canadian participants (paypal fees)

Ticket for group event (workshop, webinar) of 4 learning units (3 hours): 40 Eur for European participants, 43 Eur for US/Canadian participants (paypal fees)

Ticket for group supervision of 2 learning units (1,5 hours): 65 Eur for European participants, 68 Eur for US/Canadian participants


Some group events have a pay-as-you-can option. Get updated with the Creative Compassion Letters

Creative Compassion - Group support

The group event is not recorded due to German data protection laws

You are allowed to take screenshots of documents I share with you on my computer for private use. No screenshots of the participants or participants' drawings and paintings allowed due to German data protection laws

You accept these safety policies with your registration

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