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Learn about art in life. Learn about life in the arts.

If you get one right, you get the other as well

Friedrich Hölderlin, Collected Poems

Creative Compassion Practice: What People Say

Being taken care of. All universe is taking care

Pleasant surprize how easily two far apart things come together and come into sync like in a dance

Both parts are coming to same ground. There is one unifying flow. All is part of this flow


In touch with the bigger aspect of life

It becomes musical. It's like a symphony where I can integrate the two

It is a lesson to welcome it all and be with it all

So surprizing: things are coming together

There is a blending of the negative with the positive and a new synthes

There is a rhythm of containing, one is containing the other, and it is grounding

There is an energy coming that is vitalizing and holding both together, and they can flow forward, and it becomes an inner ressource


What is the Creative Compassion Practice journey about?

This journey is spending time with user-friendly experiential arts activities (coming from art references) to empower yourself from the senses

Doing this kind of Embodied Cultural and Creative Arts (ECCA for short) you get enabled to stretch your empathy beyond personal preferences and limitations 

You learn to

  • cultivate empathy for what feels familiar and unfamiliar to you
  • process what provokes unease or looks divergent
  • tune into and connect with bodily feelings and energy states that might feel conflicting
  • shift your perspective on parts and the whole
  • strengthen your capacity to hold all of it

Making your journey you come to a wider range of empathy with yourself and others by implicitly training interactive skills through embodied art making

Your start with an Art Sense, a bodily sense of aesthetic truth showing up when resonating to a Fine Arts piece of your choice as reference picture

Following the Art Sense you create new ways of perceiving the world that make you feel more at home with where life is placing you

You can do this journey on your own or in company (1 : 1 support, group support)

You will be doing embodied cultural and creative arts activities coming from different therapeutic backgrounds: Museum art-based Therapy, Sensorimotor Art Therapy/Guided Drawing®, Dynamic Shape Drawing and Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts FOAT®.

Your doing is part of Embodied Polyaesthetics. The term Embodied Polyaesthetis contains concepts for educational or therapeutic framed experiential arts activities grounded in perception, aesthetic feeling and aesthetic empathy, leading to expressive arts performance from the body sense

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How long does it take and what do I get from it?

Your personal journey is the time you decide to investe. You can dip in our dig in as you like

The more you do the practices presented, the more you become friends with new fascets of yourself and others


Embodied polyaesthetic activities are cultivating your sense of aesthetic empathy and your sense of empathy in general which makes you get more authentic both in the arts and in life

What is Relational Empathy?

Relational Empathy is tuning in to the whole instead of tuning in to parts only. Relational Empathy is fully life affirming, expressing a sociocentric world view 


Within the arts Relational Empathy is to tune in to all of what an artpiece can offer: Things that match your personal interests and things that are beyond your personal interests.

Aesthetic Relational Empathy is to be able to shift between both kinds of interest with empathy and unconditional positive regard. The ability to hold both poles of interest makes you see the artpiece as a whole. Artpieces are representations of 'world'. Seeing the whole of an artpiece is bridging to seeing the world as a whole 


In social life Relational Empathy is to tune in to inner parts of yourself and to tune in to your relationships with others as well (with all the interrelational dynamics of group collectives that might be contradictious to your own personal needs, points of view or moral standards)

I have no art experience. Can I participate?

The art exercises you are introduced to are user-friendly and designed as a low-skilled practice. You need no previous knowledge to do them

They have been developed from Museum based Self Art Therapy and therapeutic art practices that have been created for people without previous art experience

I don't know how to feel the body. Do you have any advice?

The exercises presented on this website work with the body felt from within

You get access to your inner bodily feelings through mindful breathing integrated into the art making

To help you learn sensing the body from within please visit one of the free introductions of Creative Compassion Practice or meet your Creative Compassion guide in a 1:1 session

If you suffer from a health problems and need extra kind of self-care, please contact us

What art materials do I need to participate?

The art materials you need for this journey are simple and cheap. You will use crayons or oilpastells, paper, tape and pencil

Are there reduced prizing options besides Early Bird?

The directives of Creative Compassion Practice are free gifts

Group events (webinars, workshops, classes and supervision) have Early Bird

There are group events for free two times a year. They are announced in the Creative Compassion Letters. These events are offering a waiting list you can register for



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