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When you feel stuck in your Creative Compassion practice this page is the right place to be -  We are happy to be there for you and help you out

Creative Compassion - Individual Support

Reference picture to "Die Sinnende" (woman pondering) 1912 by Alexej Jawlensky, collection Thyssen Bornemisza, Lugano Switzerland

Individual Support in Single-Session

Individual support is meant to be a single-session support. Single-session support is one session and that's for the moment

Sometimes it needs to get a fresh introduction to the Creative Compassion art directives presented on this website. Sometimes it needs another person to be present and listen to you and what all of it means for you

Individual support is designed to give you as much support as you need to go on with your Creative Compassion practice on your own

Booking another session is of cause possible

Please bring your drawings of your latest Creative Compassion practice into the session

Have crayons and pastels at hand when you are online, and paper and pencil to take notes

Single-Session Setting

You get the zoom link shortly before zoom appointment

Please make sure you have a stable internet connection

Please check in in time. Time you miss out is not added


Ticket for 1 single-session (50 minutes): 90 Eur for European practitioners, 95 Eur for US/Canadian practitioners (paypal fees)

Creative Compassion - Indidvidual Support ©Anna Zakharova/Unsplash

If you are in need of psychsocial support on regular basis or in need of therapeutic support I ask you to take an Expressive Arts Focusing session, an Art Therapy session or a session in Focusing centered Therapy

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